Material Selection

Before we start working on your project, we will first sit down with you and decide on the basics. These include finding out how much budget you can allocate for the project, as well as what kind of wooden material you want to use in your kitchen.

We understand that not all wood is the same, and we can determine which type of wood you want to use, based on your preference, vision, and budget.  We can help turn your dream kitchen into a reality.

Custom Cabinet Crafting

It is a unique thing about fine, hand-crafted cabinets in the kitchen. Artisan cabinets can bring a lot of personality to your kitchen since they are not made using machines and hence have their unique quirks.

Our team of artisans will ensure that your cabinets are made of the highest quality wood for your money and are even, level, and secure. We can also help repair old cabinets, including replacing peeling laminate and installing new door handles, making your cabinet look as good as new.

With HRX Carpentry, custom cabinets are a luxury that you can afford.


Counter Installation

Kitchen countertops don’t always have to be made with granite and marble. Nowadays, wooden kitchen countertops are making a comeback, thanks to the green space movement. At HRX Carpentry, we can help you build and install wooden or laminate countertops in your kitchen. From a personalized oak wood bar to installing a butcher block on your countertop, we can do it all for you. In addition, we can also make shelves and drawers beneath your countertop to increase the storage space in your kitchen.

Custom Shelving

Our team of carpenters will work tirelessly to build you a range of shelving units that are perfect for your kitchen and deliver optimal functionality and practicality.

One of the most fun parts of creating custom shelving is choosing the size, color, and style for each shelf. Our craftsmen can guide you on the most updated shelving trends in the industry for a truly modern kitchen.

Just leave the hard work to us. At HRX Carpentry, we offer you customer service that exceeds expectations throughout the project, from the initial phase of consultation to the installation and finishing of the very last shelf.

Custom Bookcases

Since kitchens have become family recreational spaces, more and more people are choosing to put bookshelves and bookcases in the kitchen. If you are a book lover, then there is no better place to build a bookcase so that you can read a book while relaxing at the countertop or waiting for your food to cook. Bookcases are also excellent options for storing your cookbooks and kitchen magazines.

Our carpenters are experienced in crafting beautiful and unique bookcases that will improve the style and functionality of your home. Whether you want to create a small bookshelf or create a cozy reading space in the kitchen, we can help achieve that for you.

Crown Molding & Trim Work

Crown moldings give your kitchen an air of luxury and elegance and can create an aesthetically pleasing demarcation between the floor and the ceiling.

If you want to change the look of your kitchen easily without spending too much, then crown moldings can be a wonderful option for you, as they can give your kitchen a completely fresh new look.

HRX Carpentry, can help you install high-quality and sophisticated crown moldings in your kitchen, as well as add wood trim work to your fixtures.